Angela’s Amazing 4 Stone Loss In 10 Months

It has taken Angela only 10 months to lose 4 stone and reach her target weight When she registered with us last year, Angela weighed in at 13 stone 8 lbs. Her 5’9 frame meant that her BMI was in the obese category at 35. And now, less than a year later, Angela is delighted to see 9 stone 8 lbs on the scales.

Angela, a classroom assistant, had just returned from holiday with her husband last year when she decided that she wanted to do something about the extra weight she was carrying. “After a holiday to Penang I was editing my husband’s holiday video and it seemed that he was always recording behind me. All I could see of me was this great big fat backside wobbling along!”In the past, Angela had successfully lost weight with a meal replacement plan. But inevitably, once she had finished that plan, she regained all the weight she had lost. Meal replacement plans don’t teach about the importance of healthy eating and controlling portions for weight loss, and that’s why we don’t recommend them.

This time, Angela loved the online Gi diet plan because it consisted of foods that she liked and she enjoyed trying out new recipes. “My diet before registering for the Gi diet was normal enough. Cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and meat with veg for my evening meal. My downfall was the picking whilst preparing meals and the odd biscuit or two with a cup of tea. I could happily forgo the chocolate, but I did like crisps and savoury snacks. Total Wellbeing PlanNew Mediterranean PlaneDiets Healthy Eating PlanTesco Gi PlanAtkins Nutritional Approach Cholesterol-Lowering PlanDairy-Free PlanDiabetes PlanNew! Gluten-Free PlanHeart Smart PlanHigh-Fibre PlanLower-Sugar PlanLow-Fat PlanLow-Sodium Plan Vegetarian Plan.

“With this plan, the shopping list meant that I didn’t have to give any thought to the weekly shop and I was able to break my snacking habit by simply not buying those foods!”Angela had found that before losing weight, she was being held back from certain activities. “For the last five years I have been part of a group taking schoolchildren to Wales for an outdoor pursuits week. One of the activities is caving, and there is a section referred to as the “Letter Box” which is a small slit where we post the children through. On my first visit I was unable to fit through it. I was told I was Parcel Post and had to go the long way round. This year, I know I will definitely fit through the Letter Box”

As well as shedding the stones, Angela has also dropped several dress sizes. “Before losing the weight, I was a size 16 in skirts and trousers, and a size 18 on top. I found I was only ever buying baggy clothes to cover up the bulges, and not clothes that I really liked. Now I’m a size 12 in skirts and trousers and a size 10 on top. I feel a lot happier with myself and find shopping for clothes more pleasurable, as I can now wear clothing that I like.”Exercise has contributed to Angela’s weight loss, toning and improvement of her overall health. “I have reduced the size of my thighs and backside through exercise. It is the first time ever that I have not had a large backside for my size! I also feel that I have more energy and don’t get out of breath so quickly.

As a result of her success, Angela has been almost unrecognisable to some of her family and friends! “A friend I hadn’t seen for a year nearly walked past me without recognition until I spoke! My nephew came over from Australia and kept exclaiming that he had heard I’d lost weight but now how much! He said he wouldn’t have recognised me if he’d passed me on the street. My colleagues at work now call me by the name Slim. It’s great!““I feel confident that I will be able to maintain my weight loss, as I intend to continue eating the same type of food.

I really enjoy the Gi way of eating and don’t actually consider it a diet, but a change of lifestyle. After having eaten, I have never felt that I needed more food. I also have the Letter Box to keep me focused! And next Easter we are visiting my sister in Australia and I want her to see me at the size I am now. I’ve gotten rid of all my old clothes and I can’t afford to buy more so I’ll have to stay this size”Any parting tips from Angela? “Instead of buying sweet or savoury snacks, keep a bowl of grapes handy. If you are going to pick at food, pick at the grapes”

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