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Traffic Accident Claims and What To Do

At one time or another we all get involved in a traffic accident, when this happens you need to file a traffic accident claim and know what to do, this article covers a few of these issues.
When you have a traffic accident the people involved either do, or do not, have insurance, lets assume everyone has auto insurance. The first thing you need to do is get the other parties insurance information, drivers license information and any other pertinent information. You will need to get a copy of the police report which generally comes out a few days after the report is filed. If there are any witnesses it would be good to get there information too in case they are needed.
The next step is to file a claim, traffic accident claims should be filled as soon as possible with your insurance company so you can dictate the events of the accident while they are fresh in your mind. Waiting to long can cause you to forget details that might be important to your claim, these details could hurt your case if you are not at fault.
The factor of fault is an important factor because it could impact your future auto insurance rates, and not in a good way, we mean the insurance company can raise your rates if you are at fault.
If your claim is simple enough you can do it over the phone and your insurance company will send out an adjuster to look at your car. They will make an assessment of the damage and suggest a few shops you can bring your car to. Some insurance companies let you use your own shop as long as the repair costs are within reason. This can be an area of dispute between you and your insurance company, with a little negotiation you can resolve this matter quickly, this is the best solution if this happens.
Under normal circumstances traffic accident claims don’t take more than a few days to get approved, from there you will take your car to the assigned repair center and they will start the process. The key to getting through the whole process, without to much stress, is getting all the proper information when the accident happens.
Submitting all the proper paperwork and information to your insurance company from the start, and giving all the details of the accident in full, will in sure that any traffic accident claims you have in the future will be done right.

Things You Need To Know About Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

When you are involved in a major motor vehicle accident your entire life can be turned upside down. In a matter of seconds everything changes and you are now faced with trying to put everything back together. Motor vehicle accident claims are designed to help the victims of the accident. In eighty three percent of accidents is easy to see who is at fault. Determining the person who is liable for the wreck is the first step in starting your claim. If the other party is at fault then you will have every right to file your claim.
Motor vehicle accident claims can take weeks if not months to settle. If you only suffered minor injuries such as a sprained ankle or whiplash then you should try to settle the claim by yourself. It may sound hard but in reality it can be pretty simple. You will have to keep in constant contact with the insurance companies but you will be able to save money by handling it yourself. Ten to fifteen percent of all accident result in major injuries and some of those injuries can lead to long term or short term disability. If you are faced with a major injury then you need to retain the services of a motor vehicle accident claims attorney. You should always keep all documentation that you get from the insurance companies and doctors. If you are injured from the accident you will have the legal right to ask for lost wages. Lost wages is money that you didn’t get because you had to take off of work due to the accident. When asking for lost wages you should have the amount that you are asking for ready when you contact the insurance company. For example, if you make five hundred dollars a week and you had to take off for two weeks then you would need to tell the insurance adjuster that you want $1,000 in lost wages. It would be beneficial for you to have your employer sign a statement that says you missed two weeks of work. This will prevent them from stalling you and stalling the payment on your claim.
Making sure that your automobile is repaired properly is also something that you should not take lightly. An automobile is a major investment and it’s important that you protect that investment. Follow up with the body shop on the progress of the repairs of your vehicle. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

Why Do So Many Diets Fail To Help Lose Weight

How many diets have failed you in your bid to lose weight? Why is it that so many diets fail? Many people believe the myth that eating less will result in weight loss. The truth is that when we restrict our food intake we are at risk for gaining weight. Our bodies are designed to interpret less food consumption with starvation. When we intentionally deprive our bodies of food we send our body into starvation preservation mode.

Studies show that thin people tend to eat foods that contain more complex carbohydrates and people who are overweight are found to have diets that contain more fat. Understanding what studies tell us about what contributes to weight loss is important when designing a weight loss plan. Chances are there are habits that contributed to the weight gain and the weight gain was not over night but took years to accumulate. Because it took a long time to gain the weight you are presently at, it will also take time to lose weight in a healthy fashion.

Individuals who do not understand the balance between eating right, getting plenty of water, exercising and getting proper amounts of sleep are easy prey to those pushing the latest fad diet, pill or program. You can find these fad diets, pills and programs in every media including TV, radio, magazines, books, and the Internet. Because most individuals today have been programmed to want everything now, it is easier to believe that there is a magic pill, drink, or program that can take the excess weight off quickly than to believe that we have power to change our lives and live healthier longer lives where obesity is the thing of the past.

Diets fail because they do not promote a balance within your body. Diets fail because some are designed around making someone or some company rich instead of creating a product or program that will truly assist an individual to lose weight.

It is a known fact that those who are overweight are prone to diseases and other serious health issues as a result of excessive body weight. Saturated fat consumption is a major contributor to excess body fat.

People have been led to believe for too many years that they need to deprive themselves of food or count every calorie they consume in order to lose weight. The truth is that our bodies know how to manage weight if we give our bodies what they need to stay healthy such as proper amounts of sleep, plenty of water, good and nutritious foods, and daily physical activity.

Losing weight is not all about counting calories, but you do need to avoid eating in excess. Proper portions of nutritious foods are one key to losing weight. Another key to losing weight is not leading a sedentary life but one that involves giving your body the daily physical activity that it craves. Our bodies were made to move!

Weight Loss Programs – The Right and Wrong Way To Easy Weight Loss

The problem most of us trying to lose weight face can be stated briefly – regardless of whatever weight loss program we may be following: Body weight consists of two components: fat tissue and fat-free tissue. The fat-free components are made up of water, electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) sugar stores, muscle tissue, bones and so on.
The objective in any weight loss program is to lose body fat while fat-free tissue. Unfortunately, most weight loss diets do not solve this problem. Indeed many of them introduce other, more serious, disturbances of the body.
We’re all looking for the best way to lose weight, but there’s no point going through all that grief only to find that a few months down the line it all starts piling back on again. So by getting it right first time, we increase the odds of long term success, and that healthy diet will look after us well into old age. So here’s a few pointers you should definitley bear in mind when creating a weight loss diet plan:
Prolonged fasting and diet programs that severely restrict intake can be medically dangerous. The medical risks of such programs range from losing your hair to losing jour life. The once-popular liquid-protein diet, for instance, caused more than 50 deaths. The hormonal, muscular and cardiac complications seen in anorexia give us clear warning of what can happen in following these very-low calorie diets.
2. Fasting and severe diet programs result in the loss of large amounts of fat-free tissue. The classic onset of problems with this kind of diet program was demonstrated a long time ago. A university of Minnesota researcher showed a period of semi starvation resulted in an average weight loss of over 25 pounds per person in 12 weeks, but only 11 pounds of this weight loss was fat.
Adding another 12 weeks to this study reduced body weight another nine pounds, but only six of those pounds were fat. And there are many other studies that show the weight loss in these types of diets are anywhere from 50-75 percent muscle weight, not fat.
3. Mild caloric restriction (500 to 1,000 calories less than what you’re used to) results in a smaller loss of fat-free tissue. This is definitely the dietary route to take. Fat-free losses, however, do still occur. This means that you cannot lose fat and maintain fat-free weight on diet alone. This is a basic principle setting any weight loss program.
4. Dynamic exercise of large muscles helps to maintain fat-free tissue and results in losses of body fat. This is a second basic rule. Exercise reduces body fat while body muscle is increased. A caloric expenditure of 300 calories (from, for example, a three mile run or walk) three times a week appears to be the threshold for this effect. Raising this minimum requirement to 500 calories five days a week results in losses of up to seventh of a pound of fat per week. It may not seem like much, but it does add up and rather quickly.
5. A nutritionally sound diet with mild caloric restriction, coupled with an exercise program and perhaps a behavior modification program, is the best way to lose weight. If you want rapid weight loss, become ill. That’s actually the fastest way to lose weight. But, if you want to lose just body fat go at it realistically. The rate of your weight loss should not exceed two pounds per week. The solution of the fat-free tissue problem is the following weight-loss program:
Restriction of 500-800 calories below usual diet and three to five days per week of exercise.
6. Maintaining proper weight control and optimal body fat levels requires a lifetime commitment to a new set of eating habits and to regular physical activity.
So here’s the real problem with any weight loss program – it’s not the motivation… After all, we would all like to be a bit thinner and there’s plenty of incentives to help us get that way. The problem is adherence. Millions of people want to know the best way to lose weight fast and get it right so we don’t run the risk of gaining it all back again.
So, to sum it all up, the best way to lose weight is to create your own weight loss program that is built around a healthy diet all the time, and take more exercise. And here’s the good news – there is plenty of evidence to show that physical activity is addictive. The athletic experience can generate a lifetime compulsion to be the best you can be. Millions of low body fat runners, body builders and weight lifters can attest to that.

Quick Weight Loss Tips – How Active Are You?

One of the most sensitive questions I have to ask the people that I coach is “Are you active enough?” Getting more physically active is one of the best quick weight loss tips anyone can give you – but it’s only a good tip if you act on it.

Many of us tend to over-estimate how active we are. This isn’t because we’re lazy, though some of us do prefer to curl up with a good book. To me, the confusion comes from the different ways we can define being active.

Ask anyone about their day and they usually reply that they’re tired because they’ve been busy and active. We naturally associate tiredness with a physically active day. When you probe a bit deeper, though, you often find that their day hasn’t been physically active – it has been active in quite a different way You can, in fact, be geographically or mentally active, but experience very little physical activity.

Here’s the scenario for a geographically active day. You wake up and think about the things that have to be done. You need to drop clothes off at the dry cleaners, pick up dog food, get to work, get across town for a lunch meeting, get back to the office to finish a report, grab something for dinner at the supermarket, get home, unload the car, cook dinner, then get things ready for tomorrow.

It gets to 8pm.You’re tired. You’ve had a busy day and you’ve been all over town but you haven’t moved your body much – the car may have moved, the bus may have moved and the train may have moved. You’ve been geographically active but not physically active.

Here’s the scenario for a mentally active day. You wake up early, even though you may have been up half the night wondering how you’re going to get everything done! You think about the things you need to do. The monthly report needs to be completed before 1am, and the sales director wants figures by 11 am .You’ve got a dinner party to plan for Saturday night, and you need to do the online shop by midday to get the home delivery service to deliver by 5pm on Friday. Your tax return is late so you need to get on with it. You also need to speak to the family about the arrangements for Christmas or that special occasion.

It gets to 8pm. You’re tired. You’ve had a busy day. Your brain has been all over the place, rushing around to get everything done – but you haven’t moved your body much. You’ve been mentally active but not physically active.

Our days will always be geographically and mentally active but we have to encourage ourselves to be more physically active – which is one of the best quick weight loss tips I can give you.

Quick Weight Loss Tips – Are You An Emotional Eater?

On any (and all) kinds of quick weight loss programs, you need to be aware of how you treat food, and how it affects the positive and negative things that happen in your life.

We all know food can make us feel good. From infancy, we are taught that love and food are intertwined. A baby cries – we may feed it to calm it down; a child does well and is rewarded with a food treat; and of course seduction and food have been entwined since Creation – just think of Adam and Eve!

In later life we have a whole catalogue of food memories associated with holidays, celebrations and happy times, so it’s really no wonder that we equate food with positive feelings.

When emotionally stressed, some people strive to recapture those happy feelings by comforting themselves with food. It’s recently been shown that we are more likely to engage in emotional eating if our basic human needs – such as security, love and belonging – are unfulfilled.

Prolonged periods of depression and anxiety also tend to cause emotional eating, leading to cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

A Case Study

Many parents and grandparents mistakenly use food as a reward for positive behavior: ‘If you are a good girl or boy today you will get a treat.’ This strategy may create a lasting unconscious desire to reward oneself with sweet, high-calorie foods when under emotional stress.

This may develop into unhealthy eating habits, so that being overweight becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Aim to reward younger members of the family with non-food treats, such as a trip to a park, a treasure hunt or a physical activity. This will have a much more positive impact on their health.

Why People Eat Emotionally

People often find themselves trapped in a cycle of stress-eat-stress, feeling helpless to change. Significant weight gain can occur as a result. There may be unconscious reasons for this behavior. You may want to prevent other people getting too close, and feel that a layer of fat on the body may protect you. Or it can represent an attitude of needing to let go and be out of control when all other aspects of your life have to be neat and in order.

Emotional stress is real, and it doesn’t go away quickly or simply. However, recognizing it is the first step to taking action. If you feel you are susceptible to emotional stress, write down on a piece of paper every type of event in your current daily routine where you use food emotionally. Simply writing it down will help you become more aware of it, and ultimately help you overcome it. Once you know where any problems lie, it’s much easier to refrain from that habit, and therefore remain focused on your quick weight loss diet.

Quick Weight Loss or Healthy Weight Loss

By eating less to help your weight loss, you are constantly running the risk of seriously damaging your health. If your body is not getting the energy it needs from the food you eat, it will start to burn of its reserves to help it survive. But as well as burning of your fat reserves, your body will also be using the energy stored in your muscles. So your muscle tone decreases. This happens quite a lot with quick weight loss.

This may not sound like a major problem until you consider the fact that one of the most important muscles in your body is your heart. The last thing you want is to risk any damage to this organ.

Researchers are gradually discovering the reasons why we gain weight. They are also uncovering the information you need to help with natural weight loss programs, without having to embark on low calorie and starvation diets, (all of which can create a risk to your health).

By using natural ingredients from Mother Nature, you can stimulate your body to burn fat 24 hours a day, and at the same time promote and maintain muscle tone to keep you healthy

Regain your figure and improve your health – naturally.

Your body has it’s own natural fat burning process called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the way your body burns fat and converts it into energy.

Sometimes your body’s fat burning process breaks down or simply stops working. This means your body starts to store excess calories as fat.

The reasons why this happens are endless – which is why there is so much clinical research into the subject.

A Breakthrough in Modern Science…

Mother Nature has provided everything you need to re-start your thermogenic process and allow your body to burn off excess fat and calories, naturaly and easy…..

What researchers have found can be stated very simply:

Reactivated thermogenesis prevents fat accumulation and reduces fat stores in humans.

By re-starting or increasing your body’s thermogenic process, you can start to burn off excess fat – without having to drastically change your eating habits.

Eating less is not necessarily good for you.

Researchers have also discovered that eating less is not necessarily good for you. When you eat less, your metabolism slows down. (This is the rate at which your body digests the food you eat, turning it into useful energy). When your body gets less food than it needs each day, it starts to burn off your fat and energy reserves. In this way, you will also lose muscle tone as your body will draw energy from your muscles as well as your fat reserves.

This may not sound like a major problem until you consider the fact that one of the most important muscles in your body is your heart. The last thing you want is to risk any damage to this organ.

By eating less, your body is not getting as much food as it’s used to – you’ve probably lost a few pounds along the way, so your body slows down so that it can maintain it’s fat reserves.

If it’s getting less food, it starts to think that it will need to hang on to it’s reserves for as long as possible. The result being that the longer you reduce your food intake, the slower your metabolism will drop, so the less fat you will lose – a never ending cycle.

So the answer to losing weight is not necessarily in eating less.

Mother Nature’s natural Thermogenic plants and minerals include Chromium Picolinate, Guarana seed and Mahuang extract (Ephedrine). These natural ingredients help to increase your thermogenic process, and provide extra health benefits, as well as their weight loss properties.

Chromium Picolinate helps your body burn fat, and at the same time promotes muscle tissue. So it helps you lose the fat, but maintain that all important lean body mass and muscle tone. Remember your heart…..?

Good muscle tone also helps to naturally increase your metabolism – so the better muscle tone you have, the more fat your body burns.

Guarana – with its caffeine content – is a natural hunger suppressant and energy booster.

When Ephedrine and Caffeine are combined – fat burning results.

Caffeine is known to boost your thermogenic process on it’s own – but when combined with ephedrine, the end result is greatly enhanced thermogenesis and fat burning.

A synergistic blend to burn fat and improve health

To get the best weight loss results, you need to use a synergistic blend of these supplements created with just the right amount of each ingredient to create maximum effects.

So next time you’re looking for a weight loss supplement, check the ingredients. If it doesn’t have some form of natural weight loss ingredients, there’s a strong chance it’s more of a gimmick than anything else.

Quick Weight Loss Is Possible With a Low Carb Diet

Quick weight loss is possible – by breaking the carbohydrate cycle.

So how can you put an end to the vicious carbohydrate circle that is holding you back from your quick weight loss goals? As you probably know all too well, if you don’t eat enough food, you become weaker and weaker (and more irritable), and eventually even the strongest willed person is unable to fight off their body’s craving for food.

The answer is simple (I always prefer simple solutions) – reduce the insulin.

If you decrease the amount of insulin your body releases, your blood glucose levels won’t plummet so dramatically, so you won’t become weak and irritable, and you won’t feel the need to eat more carbohydrate for energy. Ultimately, therefore, you’ll start to notice your quick weight loss within as little as a few days and you won’t deposit the fat on your waist and hips

Even better, if you lower your insulin levels, the body’s mechanisms are actually directed to burn body fat preferentially. In other words, you have switched on your body’s automatic fat-burning mechanism.

Just one small problem. How exactly do you achieve this minor miracle of lowering the insulin level, and therefore converting to “fat-burning” mode (instead of the usual “fat-deposit” mode)?

Once again, the answer is very simple – reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates – a low carbohydrate diet causes breakdown of body fat.

The production of insulin is essentially controlled by carbohydrate intake, not fats or proteins, so if you cut down drastically on refined carbohydrates, your insulin levels reduce naturally, and you start to bur body fat. It really is that easy.

All of a sudden, you can now clearly see why previous diets have failed. Almost all diets instruct you to increase your daily intake of carbohydrates, usually as cereals, grains, pasta, rice and pulses (peas and beans). Even if you reduce your calorie intake to below the level you need each day, unless you switch off the insulin (and convert to the mode of burning body fat) there is always the tendency to deposit some of the food as more fat.

That is what insulin does, and insulin is stimulated by carbohydrates. So you weren’t a failure after all, it just was not medically possible to lose weight safely on some of the diets you followed. The system for burning fat was switched off.

Reduce carbohydrate – not calories – to lose weight

Of course, we certainly do not want to switch off our insulin completely; we need insulin, but our bodies do not need, and were never designed to cope with, large quantities of refined carbohydrates, such as the immense loads of refined sugars and starches in the pre-packaged foods that form the basis of the modem Western diet. If we cut out the foods that our bodies cannot safely tolerate, insulin production returns to its normal level, we burn any excess fat and return to our normal shape. You don’t see fat animals in nature, because animals don’t eat our diet.

There is one other very important point that is going to become quite obvious in a moment. If you switch on your automatic fat-burning mechanism by cutting out refined carbohydrates and sugars, what else do you have to restrict in the diet? Well, apart from the obvious saturated fats – nothing really! Yes, that’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you: there are absolutely no other restrictions in the diet.

You can eat virtually as much as you like of any other foods, and you will still lose fat. This is hard to believe, but true. For the first time, you are using your body’s own established mechanisms to lose fat. So you are not going to be hungry, or irritable, or spend all of your time counting calories, and as you will be eating a diet high in protein, vitamins and minerals, your body will be receiving healthy nutrition while losing fat.

This has got to be one of the best ways to lose weight – you still need to be careful with foods high in saturated fats, like red meat, fried foods etc, but if you can do this, then you’re well on your way to achieving your quick weight loss goals.