Things You Need To Know About Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

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When you are involved in a major motor vehicle accident your entire life can be turned upside down. In a matter of seconds everything changes and you are now faced with trying to put everything back together. Motor vehicle accident claims are designed to help the victims of the accident. In eighty three percent of accidents is easy to see who is at fault. Determining the person who is liable for the wreck is the first step in starting your claim. If the other party is at fault then you will have every right to file your claim.
Motor vehicle accident claims can take weeks if not months to settle. If you only suffered minor injuries such as a sprained ankle or whiplash then you should try to settle the claim by yourself. It may sound hard but in reality it can be pretty simple. You will have to keep in constant contact with the insurance companies but you will be able to save money by handling it yourself. Ten to fifteen percent of all accident result in major injuries and some of those injuries can lead to long term or short term disability. If you are faced with a major injury then you need to retain the services of a motor vehicle accident claims attorney. You should always keep all documentation that you get from the insurance companies and doctors. If you are injured from the accident you will have the legal right to ask for lost wages. Lost wages is money that you didn’t get because you had to take off of work due to the accident. When asking for lost wages you should have the amount that you are asking for ready when you contact the insurance company. For example, if you make five hundred dollars a week and you had to take off for two weeks then you would need to tell the insurance adjuster that you want $1,000 in lost wages. It would be beneficial for you to have your employer sign a statement that says you missed two weeks of work. This will prevent them from stalling you and stalling the payment on your claim.
Making sure that your automobile is repaired properly is also something that you should not take lightly. An automobile is a major investment and it’s important that you protect that investment. Follow up with the body shop on the progress of the repairs of your vehicle. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

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